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No credit check loans

There are two main advantages of a "no credit check" loan. The first is that if you have a bad credit history, this is not taken into account when the lender decides whetehr to approve your loan. The second is that it speeds up the whole process as the lender does not need to spend time arranging and then assessing the credit check. If you are borrowing frrom a building society, the credit checks can take several days.

Applying for a no credit check loan can be a way of getting the cash into your account fast. However it is necessary to be aware that these types of loan can attract a much higher rate of interest as a result. it is important that you take the moption that is not just the quickest or easiest but the lending option that is going to be best for you financially.

No credit check loans are generally open to people who are over 18 years of age with a bank account, a regular job and a regular home address.








Poor credit history loans

If you have a poor credit history, then getting an unsecured loan at a low interest rate is going to be difficult. However, even if you have a poor credit history, getting a loan should still be possible.

Many people have a poor credit history, but now that their circumstances have changed, in reality they are now a much better risk. For that reason many loancompanies will happily lend to people have struggled to keep up payments in the past.

Poor credit loans are generally open to people who are over 18 years of age and have a regular job, a permanent home address and a bank account. Complete our quick and easy form on the left to apply for your poor credit loan today.